The Fuschia Tree
Editor's Note.
Every sunbeam, every strain of music, every sapling and starfish is ultimately the regeneration of a previous something, a collection of somethings, taking on new shape. At the most indivisible level we can comprehend, all life is nothing more than atoms and molecules dancing their way through various forms. And if everything comes from something, it stands to reason that everything must go to something as well.
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The Sun and The Moon, The Weft and The Loom.

By Mayank Mansingh Kaul, Issue 23, Rhythm: Ordering Time.
The incessant throbs of these threads melt into one large universal fabric. As Goddess, she is Katyayani - bathed in red - she appears to start a new day. With the first swara, the singer sets the tone...

The Geology of Dressing.

By Carol Singh, Issue 22, Inertia: Being Both At Once.
21st century fashion is like a spinning top, ever-advancing in revolutions yet unchanging in plane. Inertia is “all about the speed in our lives and how it can only result in a crash"...

Seeking Alignment: Anagram Architects on The Criss-Crossing Roles They Play.

By Simone Dinshaw, Issue 22, Coincidence: Fortune's Strange Math.
To create an unforgettable experience for someone, you need to empathise with them. You can't dictate terms. You have to desire that goal enough to change...

The Coincidence Between Then and Now: Design at Nappa Dori.

By Nora Wendel, Issue 22, Coincidence: Fortune's Strange Math.
What is the one item you use everyday to complete your work? GS: A Measuring tape. I carry it everywhere I go, it's always in my pocket. I end up using it at least 50 times a day, while...

Raqs Media Collective: On Triangles, Infinity and Learning Where to Stop.

Issue 16,The End is Where We Start from II, January 2013
The Raqs Media Collective is most often a triangle, sometimes a circle and often a shape elusive to geometry, a bubble, a building, a boat. In being, they create. In creating, they think and ...

T & T: On Dreams Too Elaborate To Explain, Dreams Dreamt Well And The Possibility Of Always Dreaming.

By the duo of style, satire and sanguine spirits, Thukral & Tagra.
1. How did the two of you meet? What were you wearing? We met at the Chandigarh College of Arts, 1997. It was during an interaction where Jiten pretend to be a fresher and Sumir was applying for a course. Jiten was wearing a fictitious laugh, and Sumir was in a intimidating bob!

In Search of the Circle.

By J McDonald, Issue 16, Squares & Circles Issue, December 2012
We find something like a circle in the rings of a tree, in the structure of a cell, in the shape of our planet. But we do not find the particular thing that we have come to call a circle outside of the realm of our own creation. More than anything, it is a concept.

The Primordial Circle and Square.

By Nora Wendel, Issue 16, Squares & Circles Issue, December 2012
This sound piece is an exploration into the primordial shapes of a circle and square based on tantric philosophies. The evolution of the sounds heard within this piece mimic the nascent nature of creation.

Zero to Shunya.

By Charu Maithani, Issue 16, Squares & Circles Issue, December 2012
The journey from zero to shunya is an interesting one. From the nullness of zero to the stillness of shunya, the all-encompassing circle includes and excludes everything and nothing.


By Astha Kapoor, Issue 15, The Light & Dark Issue, November 2012
Summer evenings of Delhi in the 90’s saw many power cuts. We lived in a Delhi Development Authority colony. The DDA designed these flats for India’s growing middle class. The architecture was uniform, with little heed to aesthetics. The houses were originally painted a sulphuric yellow but over time residents indulged daringly in fifty shades of chalky pink.


By Astha Butail, Issue 13, The Fiction Issue, October 2012
Astha Butail, an artist with a sharp sense of design shares some of her creations from her wardrobe.

Food Lovers.

By Karuna Ezara Parikh, Issue 9, Food Art, May 2012
We ordered the Sicilian Rice Balls with carrot, orange, lemon zest and parmesan. The music wafted yellow and the day filled with sunny words.

The ineffable lightness of ephemeral design.

By Simone Dinshaw, Issue 9, Food Art, May 2012
You look down at your plate and see your grandfather’s face staring back at you. Once every one is done, the Artist asks you to now eat your creations. You begin with the spectacles, made of onion slices.

Fonting By Hand.

By Waylon D’Mello, Issue 7, Text Art, April 2012
“Penmanship says a lot about your character,” my teacher’s voice reverberated in my ears as I learnt the regimen of curly bumps, pointy cones, unbroken tsunami wave patterns, and of course, the standard cursive.

Shadows in White.

By Shaheen Ahmed
The ‘clean sterile’ kitchen became the symbol of the new-modern woman. The clean white tiles, the white fridge, the white Formica tabletops, everything that was white and sanitized became the symbol of


By Veeranganakumari Solanki
This virtual space explores three works by artists - who transform the space to become a part of the art work being experienced by the viewers; who in turn become a part of the designed space.

Unstable by design: failure is the central idea.

By Prayas Abhinav
Chaos is inherent. Chaos is not chaotic, it is a need to let everything be self-absorbed and act according to their own urge.


By Shaheen Ahmed
I wake up everyday to the varied kinds of sounds that seem almost existential to the middle-class Delhi locality where I stay. The resonance of the vegetable vendor’s lustful shouting...

Amid the Order of The Morning Market.

By Parni Ray
The market place is perhaps the perfect site to witness this constant tug of war between chaos and order, negotiations between saleable surface attraction, convenience and the beauty of efficiency.

Illusion: Seeing Beyond Seeing
Meaning: In Search of Significance.
Melody: A Different Tune
Rhythm: Ordering Time

Dhrupadi Ghosh is an old friend of mine. We have often had long sessions of adda late at night, discussing her dream projects since her college days at Santiniketan, where she majored in Sculpture.