The Fuschia Tree
Editor's Note.
Every sunbeam, every strain of music, every sapling and starfish is ultimately the regeneration of a previous something, a collection of somethings, taking on new shape. At the most indivisible level we can comprehend, all life is nothing more than atoms and molecules dancing their way through various forms. And if everything comes from something, it stands to reason that everything must go to something as well.
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Seeking Alignment: Anagram Architects on The Criss-Crossing Roles They Play.

By Simone Dinshaw, Issue 22, Coincidence: Fortune's Strange Math.
To create an unforgettable experience for someone, you need to empathise with them. You can't dictate terms. You have to desire that goal enough to change...

A Space for Immortality with Archana Prasad.

By Aneesha Bangera, Issue 21, Folly: A wise fool, March 2013
In Architectural jargon, a folly is a building constructed merely for decorative purposes, one that is extravagant in its beauty. To some, who have argued the ancient argument against art...

Raqs Media Collective: On Triangles, Infinity and Learning Where to Stop.

Issue 16,The End is Where We Start from II, January 2013
The Raqs Media Collective is most often a triangle, sometimes a circle and often a shape elusive to geometry, a bubble, a building, a boat. In being, they create. In creating, they think and ...

In Search of the Circle.

By J McDonald, Issue 16, Squares & Circles Issue, December 2012
We find something like a circle in the rings of a tree, in the structure of a cell, in the shape of our planet. But we do not find the particular thing that we have come to call a circle outside of the realm of our own creation. More than anything, it is a concept.

Schrödinger’s cat is alive and he’s pissed.

By Waylon D’Mello, Issue 12, The Chance Issue, September 2012
Waylon D'Mello writes a story based on Aakash Nihalini neon geometric cubes. How does our sense of the world shift and how is our awareness of the mundane actually heightened through the accidental brush...

The White Cube Worn Inside Out.

By Manjari Kaul
His aim to produce pieces that can never be replaced as they were lived out has a political agenda. He feels a glut of material art, which makes art objects to be possessed rather than experienced.

Finally Found My Room Full of Toys.

By Janice Pariat
The paper planes, stark in their textbook paper whiteness, were messengers of the past as well as soldiers of resilience. The act, to begin with, is childlike. The artist folding paper, revelling in the feel of parchment, of sudden,

Of Drawings, Spaces and Machines.

By Oindrilla Maity
The artist plays with this natural instinct. He lures, controls, guides. He dodges, seduces, tricks and transforms ‘realization’. He allows negatives areas to become part of his subjects. He imagines beyond


By Veeranganakumari Solanki
This virtual space explores three works by artists - who transform the space to become a part of the art work being experienced by the viewers; who in turn become a part of the designed space.

Illusion: Seeing Beyond Seeing
Meaning: In Search of Significance.
Melody: A Different Tune
Rhythm: Ordering Time

Dhrupadi Ghosh is an old friend of mine. We have often had long sessions of adda late at night, discussing her dream projects since her college days at Santiniketan, where she majored in Sculpture.