The Fuschia Tree
Editor's Note.
Every sunbeam, every strain of music, every sapling and starfish is ultimately the regeneration of a previous something, a collection of somethings, taking on new shape. At the most indivisible level we can comprehend, all life is nothing more than atoms and molecules dancing their way through various forms. And if everything comes from something, it stands to reason that everything must go to something as well.
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Chanda Chaudhary- Founding Publisher
Chanda is a conductor of possibilities. She has, in various forms, worked in the fields of media, research, animation, design, production and art. Her passion for the arts and her own trajectory as a young ideator and spiritualist led to the creation of The Fuschia Tree, a sustainable art ecosystem with an inclination for the eccentric.

Himali Singh Soin- Editor-in-Chief
Himali is a poet who finds inspiration in miniature things, in traveling to the source, plotting revolutions and gluing things together. After working at National Geographic in New York City, she forced nostalgia upon herself and returned to India. She has written for ArtForum, CNNGo, Bomb, Caravan, Art&The City, ArtSlant, ArtIndia, TAKE on Art and Art & Deal amongst others. Her poems on art are published in various indian and International journals of poetry. She also curates stories into galleries or outdoor spaces, rendering text in three-dimensions.

Illusion: Seeing Beyond Seeing
Meaning: In Search of Significance.
Melody: A Different Tune
Rhythm: Ordering Time

Dhrupadi Ghosh is an old friend of mine. We have often had long sessions of adda late at night, discussing her dream projects since her college days at Santiniketan, where she majored in Sculpture.